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'I think all of our lives have been terribly shaped by what went on before us.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Running in the Family, Michael Ondaatje 1983.

What's in a Name

In the first section of this page we study the surname, it's origins and history. We also pickup the family trees from where it ends in the genealogy tables given in the Ancestry page, and attempt to trace the families to its present day.

A Surname called 'De Fonseka'

The surname (family name) De Fonseka is probably what bought you to this page. If not, still you can find a lot about a surname in general.

  The surname 'De Fonseka' -  it's origins and the present day incarnations.

  To 'De' or not to 'de' - The story behind the first part of the family name.

  Family Coat of Arms  - The story behind the family crest.

  Mudaliyars Explained  - All about the Mudaliyars, and their role in society over the centuries.

A family called 'De Fonseka'

The web pages linked in the different sections below lists over 500 entries painstakingly compiled by the author, under the relevant family tree. The information in this page is expanding day to day. Your help in bridging the gaps, are most welcome.

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De Fonseka families of Kalutara

Family Tree of John Henry De Fonseka:
     John Henry De Fonseka (Mohandiram) married (name not known)

Family Tree of Jacob De Fonseka:
    Jacob De Fonseka (Mohandiram, 1841) married (name not known)

Family Tree of Carolis de Fonseka (Mohandiram)
       1st wife Louisa, daughter of Bastian D'anderado

Family Tree of Joseph de Fonseka married Selestina de Silva Goonatilake (full family tree).

Family Tree of Carolis De Fonseka married (name unavailable).

De Fonseka families of Panadura

De Fonseka  (Panadura) Family Trees

D'andrado Fonseka families of Colombo

D'andrado Family Trees

Connected Families:

The Lindon Jussey de Silva family
       The Seven Sisters.